The Interactive MJN Digital Smart Table

MJN introduces a digital smart tablet with a multi-touch and multi-user interaction system. This interactive digital table is used in schools, malls, offices, restaurants, and airports which has enhanced communication on a different level.

The Interactive Smart Table

The IRT Table – an interactive table for HoReCa, malls, and airports — offers customers a state-of-the-art ordering system, entertainment and a new way of communication.

The Interactive MJN Digital Coffee Smart Table


The exclusive diamond safety glass is an advanced and lab-tested procedure that enhances smart table rigidity and stability to an almost indestructible level. As the result it is not only durable and safe but is also visually appealing and instinctively reactive to human touch.

Protected by Diamond Glass

The unique diamond-hard safety glass was produced using advanced lab-tested thermal/chemical treatments to increase its strength and resilience to nearly unbreakable levels! As a result, it’s not only safe and strong, but enormously visually pleasing as well as intuitively sensitive to human touch.

The Interactive MJN Digital Coffee Smart Table


The first thing customers observe after they settle at the MJN digital table is how simply amazing it seems to the touch. The digital table is a cohesive combination of glass and steel which seems that it was designed for service.

A Wafer-thin frame and solid glass surface

The first sensation customers respond to when seated at the IRT is just how intuitively fantastic it feels to the touch. The IRT is one smooth amalgam of metal and glass that feels like a seamless surface built to serve.

The Interactive MJN Digital Coffee Smart Table
digital smart coffee table

This exclusive touch technology enables an infinite number of interactions. It will function perfectly even if every visitor at the table is passionately discovering all the hands-on features. Touch technologies enable an endless experience of Internal consistency reliability technologies.

digital smart coffee table

Unlimited Multi-Touch surface
The unique Touch Technology supports an unlimited number of touches. It will perform flawlessly even when every guest sitting at the table is enthusiastically exploring all the hands-on possibilities. Touch Technology allows for the enjoyment of IRT technology without limits.

The Interactive MJN Digital Coffee Smart Table

MJN’s Digital Edge

MJN’s corporate digital signage services include hardware, software, content, and professional assistance to help you enhance workplace communications..

MJN’s Digital Edge

MJN’s corporate digital signage services include hardware, software, content, and professional assistance to help you enhance workplace communications.

Services for Professionals:

We can install, develop, and operate digital signage networks of any scale. Our objective is to make the entire process easier for you.

11+ Years of Experience

11+ Years of Professional Experience We can get your signage system fully operational swiftly by leveraging a broad collection of content varieties and techniques to select from.

Expertise in Digital Signage:

Our sales and support staff are digital signage veterans. This assures that you are working with a trained professional for your digital signage installation.

Award-Winning Band:

To ensure that the implementation fulfils both criteria, the MJN Digital professional services team will collaborate with your IT and communications teams.

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