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MJN Digital Captivating SMD LED Video Wall Screens

Introducing the SMD LED Videowall a portable, high-resolution video wall platform designed for expeditionary tactics in severe conditions. This innovative solution enables swift installation in any location and can be easily transported, thanks to its compression into provided boxes. With exceptional durability and stunning visual quality, the SMD LED Video wall revolutionizes operations in challenging environments, delivering captivating and immersive experiences wherever you go.

SMD LED Video Wall Screens by MJN Digital - Immersive Digital Signage Solution
Key Benefits

Transforming Indoor and Outdoor Spaces with Unforgettable Visual Impact With Our SMD LED Video Wall Screens

All components are included

The SMD LED Video Wall is a comprehensive all-in-one framework that includes essential components for a complete system. Each SMD LED system comprises display screens, fiber optic connections, an Alpha FX projection screen processor, CineNet programming, a mobile installation structure, and reconfigurable transportation kits. With this inclusive package, you have everything you need for a seamless and versatile setup, ensuring convenience and optimal performance.

Quick and simple assembly

Implementing the SMD LED Video Wall Screens is quick and easy in any context. With no need for additional equipment, two people can complete the fabrication process within just half an hour. When it's time to transport the system, all components conveniently fit into the provided cases, ensuring effortless mobility and storage.

Simplistic for using

The internet-based system provides a user-friendly platform for managing the SMD system, display content, and embedded systems such as VTC (Video Teleconferencing). Users can conveniently utilize CineNet to make real-time modifications to content displayed on SMD screens or design and save configurations for quick recall. The simplified touchscreen interface streamlines automation processes, making them easily accessible and manageable.

Durability and resiliency

The SMD LED Video Wall ensures 24-hour stability and is built to withstand the demands of extended operation. The Alpha FX video wall system features identical, hot-swappable power sources, providing uninterrupted power supply. Additionally, each screen is equipped with multiple redundant resources, ensuring reliability even in the event of component failure. Furthermore, all elements of the SMD are designed for easy outdoor maintenance, simplifying upkeep and ensuring consistent performance.

Renovations and expansion are feasible

The SMD LED Video Wall systems offer enhanced capabilities, including audiovisual telephony equipment, expertly engineered sound systems, additional processing interfaces, and a versatile reconfigurable UPS pack. These improvements enable superior audiovisual experiences, seamless integration with telephony systems, expanded processing options, and reliable backup power supply for uninterrupted operations. With these advanced features, the SMD systems deliver enhanced performance and flexibility to meet diverse requirements.

Layouts are Available

The SMD LED Video Wall offers versatile variants with display screen sizes of 22 inches, 42 inches, or 62 inches, catering to different display requirements and maximizing visual impact. The 22-inch variant is ideal for compact spaces and interactive kiosks, while the 42-inch variant excels in digital advertising and corporate presentations. The 62-inch variant delivers a commanding presence for large venues and installations. With exceptional image quality and sleek design, the SMD provides captivating visual experiences tailored to specific needs, leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

Explore SMD LED Video Wall Components

Rugged transport cases
For convenient movement, ultra-durable rolling containers store the SMD structure, displays, CPU, and any extra elements.

Mounting frame
The movable mounting framework for the SMD may be swiftly and easily installed without using instruments.

SMD LED displays
Slim-bezel SMD LED display screens provide a vibrant, multi-HD vision system for your pertinent information. Every screen has CAT6 video connectors as well as a separate power source.

SMD LED Video Wall Screens Components by MJN Digital - Essential Accessories for Digital Signage

Alpha FX SMD LED Video video wall processor
The Alpha FX processor provides strong and versatile functionality for the SMD. It can show 4K material and supports analog and digital content sources.

CineNet software
CineNet cinema display system allows for easy operation of the SMD network, display content, and additional equipment such as VTC and acoustic system.

System control equipment
Every SMD machine incorporates a 10″ resistive touchscreen for the control algorithm.

Optional SMD LED Video Wall
Display Screens System Components

SMD System Components:
System for video teleconferencing. Customize your SMD with a Video conference system that includes camera systems.


Audio system
Include a competent sound system with embedded speaker systems, amplifiers, and a specialized Digital Signal Processor (DSP).

Modules for expanding processing input:
Expand your Alpha FX processing with an enlargement package that includes up to 8 additional input sources.


Package of replacement parts
Include a replacement parts package with a substitute LCD panel and chassis, alternative’ Alpha FX CPU pieces, and other niceties.




Scalable Mobile Display SMD LED Screens Signal Flow Diagram

Introducing the Scalable Mobile Display, a game-changing solution for flexible and dynamic visual experiences. With our SMD LED screens, enjoy seamless scalability and mobility, allowing you to adapt to any event or environment. Our simplified signal flow diagram ensures easy setup and efficient signal distribution, maximizing the performance of your display. Whether for corporate events, trade shows, or live performances, the Scalable Mobile Display empowers you to captivate audiences with stunning visuals. Experience the freedom of creativity and the convenience of mobility with MJN Digital’s innovative SMD LED video wall screens and simplified signal flow diagram. Elevate your visual displays to new heights of excellence.

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11+ Years of Professional Experience We can get your signage system fully operational swiftly by leveraging a broad collection of content varieties and techniques to select from.

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