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Digital Signage for Plants​ & Manufacturing

With digital signage for manufacturing, you can engage your workforce in actual time within all locations. Communicate productivity aims, internal communications, health and safety protocols, and emergency alerts efficiently and accurately.

Make Your School Stand Out With Digital Signage Products

Digital Kiosks >>

It enables effective communication process between students and teachers. Kiosk can help you with managing things like; timetables, directions, FAQs. We also do customization according to client requirement and provide you with installation service indoor or outdoor.

Interactive >>

Enhance students interactive experience with the help of digital signage products, which will also help in increasing students’ engagement. Through this electronic technology like; gamification, touch screens, virtual reality and other more you can educate your student for future world.

Promotional Displays >>

By using digital notice board, you can easily do internal communication and can distribute all important messages across the campus. Through help of this product, you can update your staff and students about safety measures, events, educational and country news, plus can alert them in emergency situations.

Video Walls >>

Video walls can help higher education institutes in distribution of relevant information’s. It will also help you to showcase an impactful and modernized impression not only on the students but on the donor as well. By its digital visual display institutes can showcase artwork, accomplishment’s and can play campus or students related content.

Offer An Education With An Edge

Enhance Student Engagement

This generation is called as TECH SAVVY, so we should take advantage for technology instead of taking it as a distraction, to increase student engagement. It enables students to learn new things and way, makes collaboration and learning easy.

Create an Eco-Friendly Campus

Instead of using printed media you can use digital media which will be less costly. The you saved from it can be used for your student’s support and in developing of your institute infrastructure.

Provide Higher Quality Education

The way you teach will decide your student’s future. MJN will help you to make them leaders by giving quality education through our digital signage products. Which will make teaching easy by showing visuals, listening audios, reading digitally and by this you can make classes interactive, easily adoptable for students.

Manage Content With Ease

Digital signage products will make managing of content easy and will staff control it with efficiency and effectiveness. You can control the content which will be showed on screen from central campus location instead of rushing in different screen and people.

MJN’s Digital Edge

MJN’s corporate digital signage services include hardware, software, content, and professional assistance to help you enhance workplace communications..

Services for Professionals:

We can install, develop, and operate digital signage networks of any scale. Our objective is to make the entire process easier for you.

11+ Years of Experience

11+ Years of Professional Experience We can get your signage system fully operational swiftly by leveraging a broad collection of content varieties and techniques to select from.

Expertise in Digital Signage:

Our sales and support staff are digital signage veterans. This assures that you are working with a trained professional for your digital signage installation.

Award-Winning Band:

To ensure that the implementation fulfils both criteria, the MJN Digital professional services team will collaborate with your IT and communications teams.


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