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Enhance your hotel & restaurant’s brand experience with innovative digital signage​

Share information and increase additional sales through MJN Digital Signage solutions hotels and restaurants. Set up signage in public spaces or in rooms to
display clear messages, market your brand, and inform about promotions. With 74% of consumers who prefer an easy-to-read menu, digital menu boards enable QSRs, restaurants, and other eateries to update their operations.

Top Use Cases

With 74% of customers looking for an easy to read menu, digital menu boards allow QSRs, restaurants, and other eateries to modernize their restaurants.

MJN’s Digital Edge

MJN’s corporate digital signage services include hardware, software, content, and professional assistance to help you enhance workplace communications..

Services for Professionals:

We can install, develop, and operate digital signage networks of any scale. Our objective is to make the entire process easier for you.

11+ Years of Experience

11+ Years of Professional Experience We can get your signage system fully operational swiftly by leveraging a broad collection of content varieties and techniques to select from.

Expertise in Digital Signage:

Our sales and support staff are digital signage veterans. This assures that you are working with a trained professional for your digital signage installation.

Award-Winning Band:

To ensure that the implementation fulfils both criteria, the MJN Digital professional services team will collaborate with your IT and communications teams.


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